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As the official Visitor Center for Randolph County we are the portal for information on attractions, lodging and dining in our area. Here’s what we offer:

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We will be glad to send you information prior to your visit. Please call or email us so that we can determine your areas of interest.

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Discover Randolph County

Few areas in America, with such beautiful mountain scenery and prime outdoor recreation, can also boast the rich culture and heritage you’ll find in the Heart of West Virginia. Perfectly positioned at the crossroads of all major roads in the region, it’s easy to see why Elkins has earned the reputation of being a good “base camp” from which to enjoy everything in the area.

The Heart of Adventure

Nestled between the Continental Divide and the shadows of Seneca Rocks, the unique mountain landscape found in the Randolph County region, are home to a wealth of natural wonders like the Monongahela National Forest, Dolly Sods Scenic Area, Spruce Knob and Blackwater Falls State Park.
Skiers looking for thrills race down thousand-foot vertical slopes on three of the finest ski resorts in the country. Specially constructed trails let mountain bikers have “epic rides.” Hikers not intimidated by great mountain landscapes can get out into the backcountry as far as they like. Tons of outdoor recreational activities are just a short drive from Elkins. Few places offer a better way to experience nature firsthand and revel in the solitude of the ancient Appalachian mountains.

The Heart of Heritage

While in the Randolph County region, you can trace heritage all the way from the first battle of the Civil War and the mansions of a lumber baron to an authentic small Swiss village settled in 1869 and an excursion train that travels the same tracks as the trains carrying lumber down the mountain once did. On July 11, 1861, Union troops routed the Confederates holding the pass over Rich Mountain, giving the Union control over all the territory known as northwestern Virginia. Graceland, completed in 1893 by Henry Gassaway, was the summer home of the lumber baron who owned thousands of acres of hardwoods in what is now Tucker County. The village of Helvetia still works hard at maintaining the traditions and customs of the people who settled. It was, in fact, one of the first districts in the state to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Tygart Flyer now takes a scenic journey through the reforested wild Heart of West Virginia and some of the most rugged territory in the state.

Stepping back in time to visit these places and other historic buildings and shop, you’ll experience the best in West Virginia’s heritage. It’s a dynamic of the state that not everyone is familiar with.

The Heart of Arts and Culture

Elkins has the distinction of being one of the 100 Best Art Towns in America. Enjoying arts and culture in Elkins and the Randolph County area can range from performances and exhibits at the Randolph County Community Arts Center to activities at the Augusta Heritage Center nationally known for activities related to traditional folklife and folk arts. The Center is best known for its week long workshops that attract more than 2,000 participants from all over the US.

Elkins is a Certified Arts Community, only the third town in the state to receive this prestigious designation.

“The spirit of cooperation among the arts organizations and individual artists as well as the support of the arts by both our city and county government reflects the treasured place the arts hold within our community,” RCCAC Executive Director Beth King

And, of course, as in any small historic town in West Virginia, there’s antique shopping and exploring the beautiful work of local artisans who handcraft exceptional creative works of art on display at both Artists at Work and Mountain Made, as well as sprinkled through the other great shops in town.

Whatever your pleasures and diversions when you visit us, enjoy it all!

More About Randolph County

The Randolph County Convention & Visitors Bureau works in partnership with businesses and organizations in our region to promote and further Randolph County as a unique travel destination. We encourage you to contact us with questions about opportunities for partnership.

Policy for inclusion in the Randolph County Convention & Visitors Bureau Tourism Website and Visitors Guide:

The Randolph County Convention & Visitors Bureau (RCCVB) has developed this policy to better facilitate the listing of businesses on the County's tourism website and visitors guide. For the purpose of this policy, the term "business" includes attractions, activities, accommodations, dining, retail shopping, events ad other tourism-related businesses.

For inclusion a business must:

• Compel a tourist to contact the business specifically due to the services, items sold or the activities offered. For example: a visitor would not make a specific effort to contact or visit a specific gas station, convenience store or grocery store: therefore, these businesses do not qualify and will not be listed on the Travel & Tourism website or visitors guide. Other businesses NOT listed include; commercial and residential real estate companies that do not provide vacation rentals; automobile sales; construction companies; community newspapers; television stations; radio stations; adult entertainment; insurance companies; non profit agencies that are not tourism related and any other non-tourism retail stores or businesses.

• Be located in Randolph County or provide services within the county borders. Any other branches, locations or services provided outside the county will NOT be included or promoted; however, if a rental company has properties in, but its office is located out of the county; it will be included. If a retail shop for example has stores in Charleston, WV, only the Randolph County store information will be listed. Nearby historical and cultural attractions and activities may also be listed.

• Be clean, sanitary, and meet all State and County codes and ordinances.

• Be family friendly and non permit nudity, drunkenness or lewd behavior.

• Not sell time-shares or offer gifts in exchange for attending a sales presentation.

Businesses that adhere to this policy are eligible for inclusion in the Randolph County Travel & Tourism website and visitors guide. The category under which business will be linked (attractions, accommodations, etc.) will be decided at the discretion of the Executive Director of the RCCVB. All website links from business sites should also adhere to this policy. If any website is found to be in violation, the link and listing will be removed.

It is the responsibility of the business to provide up-to date contact information and a description of the business or dates of events to the RCCVB by regular postal service or email. If a business fails to provide the information by the deadline date, it may not be listed on the RCCVB's website or visitors guide,

The Executive Director reserves the right to refuse businesses that:

• Do not meet this policy
• Are deemed inappropriate
• Or are not considered related to tourism

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